Shark Shield Pty Ltd

Tips for installing the Ocean & Earth Tail Pad / Decal Antenna

  • Be careful not bend the stainless steel electrodes during installation as shown below. The electrodes must remain flat with no bends or creases. You want these to stay flat so they lay flat on the board.


  • The same as installing a tail pad, be careful that you only pull off the 3M backing tape, not the backing tape and the glue. Take your time to ensure that you are only pulling the backing tape off, this may require you to use your finger nail to get under the edge. If you see that the backing tape is not coming off cleanly, stop immediately, and try another edge to leverage it off cleanly without the glue. We already know the backing tape does not come off as cleanly as we would like on the tail pad logo area, please take your time.


  • Apply pressure to the decal as you apply it AND after you apply it. This is the same as a tail pad, the 3M product requires some pressure to adhere. If you are concerned that you’re not able to apply firm pressure using your hands, fingers etc.,  you can purchase from an arts store a rubber roller which is excellent for this purpose like the 50mm one here.


  • Allow the 3M tape to cure for twenty four hours (24hrs) this is critical and a requirement of the 3M product. 

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