Shark nets

I love Shark Shield and of course Sharks! so of course I feel a bit sad when sharks have been found dead or trapped in shark nets and even more so when its by-catch. I'm curious if anyone might possible have an idea on how to possibly replace shark nets with a "string" (not actually connected) of shark shields down the beach instead. I've considered having them anchored like buoys with a shark shield placed at the edge of the following shark shields' range down the anchor with each anchor placed apart at the edge of the following buoys range to create something like an invisible fence. the problems i come across is the fact that they must be charged, you could have a cable buried and connected to each shark shield to receive power from on shore but that seems costly, requires constant maintenance, and just a LOT of wires.  However you could have a solar panel at the top of each buoy to collect power that way which would reduce the area the wires are in to just the shields connected to the buoy anchor itself, so like a line of wires down the anchor each wire stopping at its own shield (there may be a bunch of 10 wires at the top (if there are 10 shields) but by the time you reach the bottom shield there's only one wire  because the rest have already been connected to their shield). however the problem with solar is it would need to be made waterproof and solar panels can sometimes be expensive despite the energy it saves. the other dilemma is being able to fund it/afford it. I'm no Australian but such a task like that could be very costly. If this is at all possible and solutions can be found I recommend we start a "go fund me" for it. If you have any ideas on how to improve i would love to hear!

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