Shock prevention for all Shark Shield versions

 I have been using the Freedom 7 and Surf 7 and Surf+ , all for surfing.

I find the Surf 7 much more acceptable regarding shock discomfort than the Surf +.

I mostly surf 8ft McCoy Nuggets and the front electrode is lifted out of the water during most turns, resulting in very noticeable shocks through my front leg. The other big issue is during eskimo rolls: If the shock occurs just before the upside-down board is  covered by the breaking wave, then both hands receive a strong shock.

In each scenario when one or both electrodes are out of the water, the shark deterrent action is greatly reduced or absent, and the shocking of the human user is all you achieve if the device discharges at that time. So you might as well prevent discharge.

I suggest you measure electrical resistance between the electrodes in-between the discharges and stop the next discharge if the result shows that the electrodes are not submerged.

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  • I recently purchased a freedom 7, which i intend to use for spearfishing. I have used it once to date and noticed that i recieved regular shocks (almost every time i kicked) through my fin on the leg i wore the unit. I dont know if this is due to the length of my mares freediving/spearfishing fins? Has anyone else experienced this? After approximately 2 hours, about 500m offshore at a reef, i was starting to feel fairly nauseous and eventually threw up twice (never been seasick in my life), during which i managed to unfortunately lose my mask and snorkel, so that pretty much ended my venture. I hung around our tow-behind and my buddy and then we returned to shore. I was a little suprised, i did expect something from it, just not quite that much. Just wondering if this is a result of the length or material of my fins or??? It was pretty rough and choppy where we were, but not so much that there was whitewash. Just thought i'd throw it out here and see if anyone has any comments or ideas.
  • Ive duck taped over 80% of the front electrode and Im still getting shocks when jumping to my feet through my arms and then again when I do my first bottom turn, go's into my foot and up my leg. Also when just paddling in board shorts only I get little shocks which contract my leg muscles and lifts my feet 50mm. I know that when the front electrode comes out of the water on take of or bottom turn it arks across to the nearest object being my hands or front foot. Am I a freak or is this normal? Im guessing everyone on short boards is having this happen. I have one on a mal and I only get shocks when I'm climbing onto it and the nose comes out of the water.  I don't wont to duck tape over any more of the electrodes as the protective field will be so small and defeat the purpose. This is driving me nuts as it screws up my take off and first bottom turn. I feel this is ruining my surfing experience. What I'm doing now is turning it off as a wave approaches, however I've got to be really quick as if I mess it up I miss the wave. I'm thinking of trying to learn how to turn it off with my foot. Be great if there were a switch on the nose.


  • Hi I used my shark shield freedom first time yesterday. I got too many shocks and had to turn it off. I also felt nauseous afterwards. The worst shock I got was when I paddled over a wave and the board slapped down afterwards. This gave me a big shock thru the whole left arm. I was getting shocked a lot on take off on my front leg- left as I'm a natural footer. Disappointed!
  • I ride a 6'6" and my first time out I used it with trunks and a short sleeve 2m top, shocked my legs continuosly but not my arms for dropping in. The second and third time out I used it with a 2 m short sleeve full suit without any problems except when I elevated my board to show off the electrodes to a freind. Never bothers me during dropping in or maneuvers including vertical maneuvers. The shocks are reassuring that it works, just know if you purchase one and you have a shortboard you should wear a wesuit.
  • Hey Everyone, 

    Sorry to read that you have all experiencing frequent shocks. If you head over to our FAQs section, there is some great advise on how to prevent yourself from experiencing these shocks. 

  • I’ve had a Freedom+ Surf unit for a few weeks (4 surf sessions). Here’s my findings so far. I ride a spectacular 6’0" Lost board, in the Los Angeles, California area. I’m in a 3/2 or 4/3 mm suit. I almost always wear gloves because I like the paddling power from them. I had a hole at the thumb knuckle of my gloves and I’d get a shock if I paddled with my hand passing underneath the board, instead of beside the board. Second session, I had new (1.5 mm) gloves and that went away. I sometimes get a shock as I press with both hands to stand up, just as I’m catching the wave. Must be something like the front electrode has come out of the water and I’m the path to the back electrode, I figure. It’s not usually the strongest shock. Sometimes I’ve gotten a strong shock with both hands on the top of the board, but I’ve not figured out the why or techniques. I tend not to grip the sides of the board with my hands anymore, except well-forward of the front electrode. After 30 years surfing, I’m learning to duck dive now, because the turtle roll (I started on long boards) would shock me somewhere in the process, with my hands gripping the board. I’d appreciate more-experienced Freedom+ users sharing their techniques here!
  • Candice, would you please direct us to FAQ on shock avoidance for Freedom+ Surf. I looked through the 7 pages and didn’t find
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