Will I get an electric shock?

The Ocean Guardian works by emitting an electrical signal between two visible stainless steel electrodes which are located at the top and bottom of  the antenna, depending on the model. If you come in contact with this  electrical field you will feel it. 


With the FREEDOM+ Surf the shorter the board the more you will feel it,  the bigger the board the less you will feel it. On a board under 6' you will  feel it more, particularly when duck diving you'll likely feel it on the  fingers. Generally on a board over 6' with volume you will not feel it at all unless you touch the electrodes. If your board is under 6' and the FREEDOM+ is causing discomfort use the Tail Pad Antenna Mini. 


Historically, our customers have told us that feeling the electrical  field provides comfort by knowing the device is active.


To produce a protective electrical field of an effective size the  electrical signal needs to be strong. When accidentally placing your hand near  or on the antenna the electrical field may cause stimulation of the surface  muscles of the skin. This may differ for each person and the feeling is similar  to that of a static electrical shock.  


The amount of stimulation is minimal if accidentally touching the  antenna while it is fully submerged. The reason for this is that the easiest  path for the electrical signal is to flow, is between the two electrodes  through the water, rather than through the user.


A higher amount of stimulation may occur if the user accidentally lifts  one of the electrodes out of the water with their hand or other parts of their  body. The reason for this is that the user then becomes part of the current  path between the two electrodes.


For comparison sake, Ocean Guardian only emits up to 85 volts of  electric power; whereas, electroconvulsive therapy used to treat depression  would be between 225 volts and 450 volts. Therefore, the Ocean Guardian shock  will only be  light and would not effect you in anyway other than a little  shock. 



  • Keep the antenna  submerged at all times.
  • If using a SCUBA7 unit  (for diving), then it is recommended that you wear a wetsuit.
  • If using a FREEDOM7  for scuba diving or snorkeling, to reduce the risk of the antenna accidentally  touching your body then secure the initial length of antenna from the  electronic housing to your fin. The method of attachment should be with  something similar to a plastic cable tie. Do not use a metal fastening device  or a system that significantly covers the antenna electrode.
  • With the FREEDOM+ Surf we recommend using the Tail Pad Antenna Mini if your board is under 6' without a lot of volume
  • If you're experiencing shocks on your hand with eSPEAR we recommend you use a dive glove


WARNING: A large pulsing current is  emitted from the Shark Shield  antenna to produce the protective electric  field. Anyone with any electronic medical device (EMD) such as a pacemaker, who  is pregnant, or has a health condition which could be affected by the electric  field, should not use the device. Some examples of health conditions include  heart disease, a history of heart problems, peripheral vascular decease,  stroke, a history of fainting or epilepsy, or lung disease. Users  unintentionally being in close proximity,  or in contact with the antenna,  may possibly suffer muscle spasms in varying degrees; we recommend that users  may need to make adjustments to limit contact in these situations.