Shark Shield Pty Ltd

Does the FREEDOM+ Surf require maintenance?

The Ocean Guardian FREEDOM+ electronics should be rinsed in fresh water after use and stored out of the sun. If being stored for any length of time you should always charge the batteries to 50% (5 flashes). Please be sure to protect the decal antenna from any deep scratches which could damage the electrodes or the covering decal. 

Removable Power Module

The removable power module should always be rinsed in fresh water and allowed to dry after being removed, we recommend using WD40 or any light electrical cleaner to avoid corrosion on the pins of the power module. Divers will know that you always rinse your equipment in fresh water after use, this is critical in maintaining quality equipment in an ocean environment. 

On/Off Switch

There is no maintenance for the On/Off switch, this is a magnetic reed switch. However over time salt may build up and make it stiff, you can use a light detergent to wash the switch movement with causing any harm,the unit has been pressure tested to 75M. 

Stainless Steel Electrode

You will notice that the stainless steel electrodes will discolor after every use, this is called "tea staining" and is a result of electrolysis and you must clean them after every surf to prevent it damaging the plastic surround. There are no materials currently available that this will not occur with. 

This staining does not affect the performance, but we recommend you clean the stainless steel (marine grade 316L) with Sodium bicarbonate or soapy water, ideally a non chemical based domestic cleaning product. Simply create a paste and using a soft sponge, rub the electrode surface and you'll find the tea stain will come off relatively easily. Do not use any abrasive scrubbers or chemicals on the decal antenna as you will damage it.