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What sized board can I fit the FREEDOM+ Surf too, will it fit my longboard or SUP?

The FREEDOM+ Surf has been designed for all levels of surfers and to fit nearly all surf board sizes, both short and long boards.

The adhesive decal antenna length, specifically between the bottom electrode and the grip pad, is the only restricting factor. The adhesive decal antenna will fit any board where the tail width of a board, measured about 25 mm (1 inch) forward of the most forward fin, is between 420 mm (16.5”) and 480 mm (18.89) with a board thickness of no more than 25 mm (1 inch).  This covers 95% of boards. Please see the attached antenna dimensions.

The FREEDOM+ Surf is suitable for all levels of surfing performance with the sticker thin decal antenna having zero impact on your boards performance, please take a look at this article here on some considerations for performance boards under 5'10". Long boards with a fin box do not cause a problem because the position of the tail pad right at the back of the board like a short board is less of an issue. Attached are two photo's showing the decal laid our before installing on a 9'1" Mc Tavish long board and you can see it positions quite well. The electrodes not being in the center does not matter given your usually located towards the back of the board when paddling and sitting, in the protective area of the electrical field. 

The FREEDOM+ model of decal antenna has not generally been designed for SUP. However, it may be possible to install it on some SUP boards, noting that because of the restrictions above the decal antenna may not end up in the center of the boards underside because of SUP boards width and thickness compared to a standard surfboard. The bigger issue is that most SUP's already have a grip pad / deck grip in place, but take a look here at the solution one of our customers has come up with. The installation for a SUP you may need to consider the reverse of the install on a surfboard, so install / position the tail pad first, then roll around the rail, then apply the antenna, which as stated will not end up centered. We suggest trying this fit method before removing the adhesive to ensure it will fit.