Shark Shield Pty Ltd

What is the E-Field Control Kit?

Research over the years has shown that people have different levels of sensitivity to electrical field produced by Ocean Guardian products. Where one person can feel the field often, another is not bothered by the electrical field (e-field). 

The purpose of the E-Field Control Kit is to reduce the surface area of the electrodes on the underside of the surfboard to reduce the size and power of the e-field. There are three stickers included that enable you to reduce the power and/or size of the electrical field by 25%, 50% or 75%. 

This of course reduces the overall effectiveness of the FREEDOM+ Surf electrical field as a shark deterrent. However if the electrical field is effecting your surfing enjoyment, this is a way to reduce this effect whilst still providing a level of protective coverage. 

The E-Field Control Kit can be purchased separately and is easy to apply. If you would like to test before hand you can use any water proof tape.