Can I use an Ocean Guardian (Shark Shield) for water skiing or wake boarding?

Ocean guardian products have been designed primarily for diving, kayaking or surfing sports. 

In both waterskiing and wakeboarding the board moves at high speed and as such the FREEDOM7 or older SURF7 trailing antenna would be ineffective as the majority of the time it would be out of the water. We have many customers who do however tether the FREEDOM7 off the back of their vessel as a safety zone for getting on and off the vessel into the water.

The new FREEDOM+ Surf design does provide a future possibility for being used in these sports, although further testing will need to be done on the decal antenna's ability to withstand the water speeds / pressures involved in these sports. The possibilities going forward using a decal antenna also include other watercraft such as kayak's, waterski' s, etc.