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What is the difference between the FREEDOM7 and SCUBA7?

The main difference between the FREEDOM7 & SCUBA7 are the fitting options. Both products have exactly the same protective electrical field.

The FREEDOM7 is by far the most popular product because it’s easy to put on and take off with a convenient ankle pouch attachment using Velcro. The FREEDOM7 has a 2.1M trailing antenna which creates the powerful protective electrical field, this trails behind the user. Scuba diving, spearfishing, snorkeling, swimming and kayaking are the common users of the FREEDOM7.

The SCUBA7 is a little more fiddly to get on and off with one plate electrode mounted on the scuba tank, the power module mounted on the thigh and the other short antenna on the ankle. The main advantage being that there is no trailing antenna, so this product is often used for scientific diving or police / defense.