Shark Shield Pty Ltd

Can I use the FREEDOM+ Surf on a performance surf board?

Yes you most certainly can, the FREEDOM+ Surf has been designed for all levels of surfing and surfers!

The removable power model weighs only 250 gm and the deck housing, flexible cable and thin stainless steel electrodes weight another 220 gm. The average performance board weighs between 2 Kg - 3 Kg which means you maybe increasing the weight of the board by up to 15%.  Note this additional weight in heavier waves is actually very desirable, for example in waves like South Western Australia, South Africa and Hawaii a little bit of weight is good thing. The sticker thin decal antenna will have zero impact on your surfing performance.  

Because of the physical size of a some performance boards (boards <5'10") the forward electrode ends up very close to the nose which sometimes enables the electrical field to travel up and around the board. For example when you duck dive the field touches your fingers which you need to consider if this. When the board has a small width and is thin the user may be effected more by the electrical field even when sitting and paddling which ongoing maybe unpleasant. 

Please also note, it is well documented that children are possibly more sensitive to radiation in some or all parts of the electromagnetic spectrum, and in particular during formative years. As a result it is always considered a precautionary measure to keep children away from all electromagnetic radiation, including mobile phones, etc. This also applies to pregnant women. Children under the age of 14 should not use a Shark Shield.