Shark Shield Pty Ltd

What is the difference between the FREEDOM7 and SCUBA7?

The FREEDOM7 and SCUBA7 are both powered by Shark Shield Technology producing the same protective electrical field strength and area.

The FREEDOM7 design offers more versatility with an easy to attach ankle pouch with a trailing antenna making the device suitable for more ocean activities such as spearfishing, kayaking, scuba diving and even hanging of the back of your boat when fishing or swimming. The two electrodes which create the electrical field are in the 1.8 meter trailing antenna.

In the case of the SCUBA7 one electrode is mounted out of the way on the scuba tank and the second is a small antenna electrode attached to the ankle. The benefit of this design is there is no trailing antenna in the event you are diving deep into caves, technical diving or police / military type operations.

There are other minor differences such as the FREEDOM7 (C version) having a battery life indication, other than this both products operate identically.