What is the difference between the regular (or original) Tail Pad / Antenna and the Tail Pad / Antenna Mini?

Ocean Guardian now have two Tail Pad / Antenna's available for you to choose from depending on the size of your surfboard.

If your board has plenty of volume and is over around 6' then the regular Tail Pad / Antenna is your best option, offering the most protection with the largest electrical field.

We recommend the Tail Pad / Antenna Mini for boards under 6' to reduce the zap which may be experienced on the fingers when duck diving on shorter boards with less volume.

The Mini produces exactly the same power output however it creates a smaller protective electrical field because the electrodes are smaller and closer together (see comparison electrical field images). The attached image shows the new Mini on Tom Carroll's 5'7" to help provide you with an idea of size.

It is only the Antenna part of the Tail Pad / Antenna product that is different. The Tail Pad is exactly the same for each product and both use the same FREEDOM+ Surf Transferable Power Module which is housed in the kicker of the Tail Pad.

Please note that the FREEDOM+ Surf Mini (bundle) is not included in the West Australian Government $200 Shark Deterrent Rebate Program. The rebate is only available on the regular FREEDOM+ Surf (bundle) – as well as the FREEDOM7 dive product.