How do I turn off my eSPEAR, why is there no on/off switch?

We have designed the eSPEAR with no manual on/off switch so as soon as its activated it is on, you do not need to remember to turn it on in an emergency. The device turns on when the second stage folds up, this activates a reed switch located in the center electronics module section. 

When the device is open and in the ocean it is always on, the electrical field created between the two stainless steel electrodes will only operate in the ocean. When the device is opened out of the ocean to charge no electrical field generated. 

To turn off your eSPEAR simply hold the device out of the water and the electrical circuit between the two electrodes turns off automatically, you can now touch the device and re-load. Alternatively you can use the rubber insulation on your wetsuit to close the extended section to turn the device off and re-load.