How do I use and deploy the FISH01?

The Ocean Guardian FISH01 is for fishermen in the recreational, charter and commercial fishing sectors. It has been designed primarily for rod and reel fishing; however, with some experimenting around the deployment, it could potentially be used in other fishing methods. 


The following instructions focus on rod and reel fishing, and we encourage all FISH01 users to review the below information before using the FISH01. We’d love to hear from you about your own experience using the FISH01 and any feedback or suggestions you may have. Please get in touch with us at


Step 1. 


Create a drop line that you can attach the FISH01 to the bottom of. This drop line will be tethered to your boat, and you can lower the FISH01 to your preferred depth using this drop line. 


The drop line should be attached to the nylon cage at the top of the FISH01 Power Module. Please refer to the below image for our recommend way of rigging the drop line to the FISH01 Power Module. 



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Step 2. 


This step involves attaching a weighted line to the nylon cage at the bottom of the FISH01 Power Module to get the unit down to your chosen depth. The weight required is dependent upon current and drift forces but expect at least 1kg (2.2 lb) to be required. The line will need to be at least as long as the 6.8m (22'4") FISH01 antenna.


To ensure the FISH01 is hanging as vertically as possible in the water, the FISH01 antenna should be attached to the weighted line using cable ties.  


However, to ensure that the weighted line does not pull on the antenna and disconnect it from the power module, we recommend using the rigging method illustrated in the below image. 


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Step 3

Get out there and enjoy keeping your catch and losing less gear!



If you have any additional questions about the FISH01, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly customer service team and they’ll be happy to assist you. CONTACT US.